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What is InsuranceRight?

InsuranceRight is a world-class online platform that enables insurers to engage customers and increase efficiency by indentifying all the touchpoints with consumers. With the focus on building consistency and alignment across all the touchpoints. InsuranceRight is a state of the art and very flexible front-end solution. We enable marketers and web content editors to have full control over all aspects of their digital platform, from advanced personalization to the full customer journey. It also helps them communicate the benefits of complex products and services more efficiently. This streamlines and optimizes the end-to-end sales and services process.

Innovation Pressure Cooker

Themed Workshop

Staffing and Partnering


Requirement and Scope Definition

Project Management

Optimizing Implementation

Solution Essentials

Technical Architecture

Launch Plan

User Experience Design

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The customers we serve

Many clients have used our InsuranceRight solution to transform their digital channels. With over 20 years of experience we are experts in engaging customer journeys. When clients work with us, they benefit from a personalized customer experience, increased loyalty, higher conversion rates, and shortened time to market.

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Learn more, download the GDPR consent whitepaper and workbook

InsuranceRight give you a head start because we continuously think about the requirements you have as an insurance provider. Want to learn just what the GDPR requires from insurers when it comes to consent? Go to our download page and download the whitepaper. 

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