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Nineteen different IAK insurance products can now be easily purchased online

Do you need to choose a new insurance policy or register a change of address? This can be done quickly and easily at www.iak.nl. In January of 2016, the insurance broker IAK introduced a new customer environment which offers customers a range of options for viewing and changing their details, as well as purchasing new insurance products. This gives customers more options for managing their situation whenever and wherever it suits them best. Virtual Affairs developed this new environment, based on its InsuranceRight product and in close partnership with IAK Verzekeringen in order to provide an optimum level of service to IAK customers.

More possibilities for the customer

Nineteen different IAK insurance products can now be easily purchased online. What's more, each customer can view their insurance portfolio in their own personal environment and can also make changes simply and easily. The fact that customers have more opportunities to manage their own affairs takes the pressure off IAK's customer service team and allows employees to offer personalised advice in response to complex customer queries, thanks to connections to a number of different systems. And providing more possibilities for self-service results in a higher customer satisfaction rating!

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Achieve the optimum customer experience with Sitecore and InsuranceRight

The new IAK user environment is based on the software product InsuranceRight from Virtual Affairs. Enrico Pruis, Commercial Director for Virtual Affairs explains: "InsuranceRight allows us to eliminate several fundamental problems faced by insurance providers. First of all, the time-to-market for new insurance products is hugely reduced. It’s now possible for IAK to launch new products within just a few days. Second, our solution (supported by the powerful Sitecore Experience Platform) puts marketers fully in control. They can launch, test, and optimise campaigns without any assistance from IT. Finally, InsuranceRight makes the insurer's user environment more flexible, making it easier to react to new (market) developments. We are very proud that the Unirobe Meeùs Group (IAK's parent company) has once again placed their confidence in us for this project."