E-business platform for the corporate and private market

Meeùs aims to be the number one financial advisor agency in the Netherlands. It wants to improve customer satisfaction and act close to its customers. An efficient e-business platform is essential in realising this objective.

Meeùs wanted a platform that enables them to respond quickly to new developments regarding insurance (property and casualty, income and life), mortgages, and financial advice. Virtual Affairs was responsible for the concept, re-design and implementation of the new Sitecore platform, migrating away from Microsoft SharePoint.

Sitecore Experience Platform

Potential customers can buy products such as a car insurance or travel insurance on Meeù More complicated products, such as mortgages or liability insurance, are offered based on personal advice. The website was built using the out of the box Sitecore capabilities and was optimised both for user friendliness and SEO. 

A secure ‘my environment’ section was also integrated into the platform which customers can use to view and modify their products. Additionally, we developed the Meeùs Help Me app for iPhone and Android. In the event of illness, theft, or car breakdown, customers can reach out for immediate help using this mobile app.

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SharePoint Migration

We set up the new Sitecore platform using our SharePoint-to-Sitecore migration best practice approach. Step two was the migration of all existing content from SharePoint to Sitecore. Sitecore was chosen by conscious decision as the e-business department of Meeùs already uses the Sitecore marketing capabilities to achieve higher conversion ratios and more qualified leads through various channels. Flexibility and cost-efficiency were key in this project. The platform is modular and all components are reusable. This means that it can be reused by other labels within the Unirobe Meeùs Group (UMG) if needed. This cross-channel/multi-site solution makes it very easy to manage the various websites.

Speed and flexibility

Because of the new platform, Meeùs can now quickly respond to new customer expectations and market developments. In the next phase, the platform will be expanded with online tools such as financial planning, financial simulations, and customer self-service. This new platform has led to more direct interaction with customers which allows Meeùs to take the lead in online customer service, innovation, and growth.