Nationale Nederlanden

Advisor portal: more insight for advisors

The e-business department of Nationale-Nederlanden, a leading Dutch insurance company, is always looking for opportunities to improve their online customer services. Virtual Affairs was asked to design Nationale-Nederlanden’s new advisor portal in which the advisor immediately gets an overview of his or her customers and which products they have. Product statuses are now very well organised and the advisor can easily see whether or not one of them needs to be renewed. This enables Nationale-Nederlanden to respond to developments and proactively provide advice to its customers. 

The customer journey and interaction of the portal and the ‘my environment’ section are now consistently designed. Both are constructed from reusable components which means that in future, Nationale-Nederlanden can implement new portals with a uniform appearance, even without the help of Virtual Affairs.

Consumer insight and the customer journey approach

The development of the portal and the closed customer environment were based on input from customer interviews. This was a conscious choice as, after all, users know best what they expect from their online environment. The final result was also presented to real customers of Nationale-Nederlanden who assessed the new designs and tested them against their own needs and requirements. This feedback enabled us to come up with the right design. 

The interaction design was also based on Virtual Affairs’ own approach to service blueprints and customer journeys that identified all the touch points and information needed to support channel switches.

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Long-term partnership

The pleasant cooperation during this project, combined with the excellent outcomes, resulted in a long-lasting partnership with Nationale-Nederlanden. In numerous other assignments, we pro-actively have contributed to how they achieve their online goals. Our projects have contributed to renewing and optimising offerings in the area of mortgages, pensions, insurance, and financial planning. Virtual Affairs was also responsible for the mobile app design for the Nationale-Nederlanden app.