A new online insurance platform launched within 9 months

The international insurance market is changing rapidly. To stay aligned with market trends and opportunities and to capitalise on knowledge and experience gained in the Dutch market, the Achmea International Division decided to invest further in an online label for one of its foreign operating companies. The first step in this strategy was the development of a new front-end insurance platform – a platform that allows marketers to provide a flexible and personalised online experience to their customers. This online insurance platform was launched in Slovakia under a new online Achmea brand called Onlia.

Virtual Affairs was responsible for the design and implementation of the platform which was based on our own InsuranceRight software and methodology and was integrated with the Sitecore Experience Platform. After 9 months of hard work, the new direct writer was successfully launched.

Modularity and reuse

The structure and modules of Onlia had to be developed in such a way that they now can be easily deployed in multiple countries, for different insurance products. This approach aims at synergy in terms of innovation and product development and ensures a positive contribution towards an efficiently managed cross-border platform. Many modules, both functional and non-functional, are developed or configured once but can be used by any Achmea label or operating company. The clever platform setup enables the business (marketers) to independently and quickly implement changes and optimisations

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The Onlia modules are designed in a way that each one can retain its look, feel, and features for a specific brand or label. In addition, it’s also possible to develop label-specific modules. InsuranceRight acts as an integration layer to the different back office systems. This simplifies a future migration to a standardised or rationalised back end architecture and allows for minimal impact on the front end.

The marketer in control

The value of the new online insurance platform lies partly in the manageability of the architectural setup which supports multi-country, multi-label, and multi-product scenarios. Another core strength is the flexibility it provides to the marketer. The combination of the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform and InsuranceRight enables the marketer, in his or her daily work of monitoring performance and results, to optimise and enrich the website, introduce campaign sites, provide off-site funnels and perform A/B testing. The platform supports multi-channel campaign management and enables personal and relevant communication with customers. An example of this would be how, based on the information a customer or prospect provides online, the website can be adapted to the context and situation of the client. InsuranceRight offers flexible product funnels, as well as a myZone that includes options for policy changes and providing customer and insurance details.